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  • Spaghetti Gluten-Free Sorghum Dried Pasta

    Watching your friends enjoy their bolognese spaghetti while you’re on a diet? No longer an issue with Magic Mills’ sorghum spaghetti, which is not only allergen-free but also boasts additional health benefits thanks to its ingredients. Sorghum is gentler on digestion as it’s processed more slowly by the body, providing a slower release of carbohydrates and a high protein content. It absorbs more water when cooking, meaning you’ll be satisfied with a smaller portion than usual. You don’t have to give up on pasta and tasty meals anymore!

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    Gluten-free and egg-free sorghum dry pasta for Italian dishes or as a side with juicy meats.

    Packaging: 250g

    Weight 0,20 kg
    Cooking time

    10-12 minutes in boiling water


    70% sorghum flour, antioxidant, guar gum, tapioca starch, xanthan