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  • Peppered Stew With Sorghum Pearls

    Recipe by gluten-free chef Tibor Átol


    • Diced beef – 800 g
    • Onion – 300 g
    • Tomatoes – 400 g
    • Ground pepper – 1 g
    • Duck fat – 60 g
    • Salt – 10 g
    • Green pepper – 1 g (soaked in 100 ml of boiling water)

    For the garnish:

    • Magic Mills Sorghum Pearls (peeled seeds) – 200 g
    • Salt – 5 g
    • Grease (cooking oil or fat) – 10 g


    1. Cut the meat into thin strips and the onion into thin slices.
    2. Brown the meat in the fat, add the chopped onion and stir-fry until translucent.
    3. Season with salt and pepper, pour 3 dl of water over it and cook gently. Add more water if necessary.
    4. Add the peeled and chopped tomatoes and cook with the meat until tender.
    5. Sprinkle with boiled green pepper when serving. Garnish with sorghum or chervil.
    6. Dry roast the sorghum pearls until they smell like popcorn. At this point, add 5 litres of water, salt and salt and simmer covered until tender. This should take about 50 minutes.
    7. Drain, dry and toss in a pan with the fat.
    8. The sorghum pearls need twice as much water to soften. In this way, 200 grams of sorghum pearls will make a total of 600 grams of egg barley.