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  • Emperor Crumbs (Kaiserschmarren)

    Recipe by gluten-free chef Tibor Átol


    • Magic Mills Sorghum Flour – 300 g
    • Granulated sugar or erythritol or equivalent sweetener – 120 g
    • Vanilla sugar or vanillin sugar – 10 g
    • Egg size L (about 180-200g) – 3 pcs
    • Milk – 200 ml
    • Salt – 1 teaspoon
    • Butter/oil/fat – 50 g
    • Lemon zest – 1 g
    • Orange zest – 2 g
    • Raisins – 50 g


    1. Separate the eggs. Put the whites in the fridge.
    2. Whisk the yolks with 120g of sugar or erythritol, vanilla sugar, and milk. Gently fold in the sorghum flour, raisins, salt, grated lemon and orange zest with a spatula.
    3. Whip the egg whites to stiff peaks and carefully fold them into the batter, trying not to deflate the foam.
    4. In a large, non-stick skillet at least 28cm in diameter, heat the butter and pour in the batter. Shake the pan while stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until it becomes crumbly.
    5. Serve with maple syrup, raspberry syrup, jam, vanilla, chocolate, caramel sauce, or caramelized apples.